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The sun microsystems sql700 data storage device sensor c31 is a powerful and efficient data storage device that is perfect merchants small businesses. This device allows you to store your data in an easy to use interface, and with the sun's sql700 memory engine, you will be able to keep your data long term. The sql700 is also walkable, making it perfect for busy businesses.

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Sun microsystems data storage is a solution for data-hungry businesses that need the latest technologies to store and manipulate data. The sun microsystems data storage device is a self-contained, standalone platform that provides chemical- and electrical-powered drives for data storage. It uses microchips that read and write to digital formats, making it ideal for data entry or management. Plus, the sun microsystems data storage device is easy to set up and use, includes built-in sql700 data storage system, and includes a temperature- and humidity-variable.
this sun microsystems sql700 data storage device internal cable wire offers data storage for your sun microsystems applications completely hidden from your competitor's view. The cable's dimensions are 10' long and are materials-free, ensuring that it will last for years. It is also weather-sealed, making it perfect for use in an outdoor setting. It also has a data storage capacity of 1800 gib and is available in two colors: black and red.